Wednesday, 13 February 2013 12:19


Consulting into the Transport sector you never know what to expect as the diversity and breadth of the sector presents a special set of challenges.  Sagacity Consulting has the team who can meet these challenges, having undertaken projects that range from high tech intelligent traffic systems to regional service delivery for government.


Relevant projects we have undertaken

  • Providing an interim transformational management role as CEO of an intelligent transport solutions company. Our consultant, amongst other things is delivering a new strategic plan and implementing it, changing the company culture and re-aligning the Board and management team, aligning key stakeholders and asserting disciplines such as business development, portfolio management and international operations.

  • Critically reviewing a large technology project involving the acquisition and commissioning of an intelligent camera system for traffic control and safety objectives. Our consultant had to assess whether the technology being sought was appropriate, the appropriateness of the proposed procurement process, the quality of the project governance and management and the value for money of the initiative.

  • Designing and facilitating a one day workshop for a State transport authority to resolve concerns amongst staff about the health risks associated with their workplace.

  • Providing expertise as part of a team to conduct a gateway review for a State transport agency. Our consultant worked with the other members of the team to review a project aimed at amalgamating the core SAP related corporate services functions including pay, HR, financial, procurement, fleet management, project management and roads implementation program.

  • Conducting a business planning workshop for the information management Division of a State transport agency.



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