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State Government

Sagacity Consulting has special expertise in the State public sector.  Most of Sagacity‚Äôs consultants have, at some time, worked for State governments, many at the Senior Executive Service level.  However, as well as a deep understanding of this sector many of our consultants have considerable experience in the not-for-profit or private sector.  This breadth of experience, along with the areas of specialty in which they consult, make the Sagacity team enormously valuable as a partner in solving difficult organisational problems and bringing about change.


Relevant projects we have undertaken

  • Providing a confidential report to a State Premier on agency responses to apparent anthrax incidents.  Our consultant reported on interviews with agency heads for health, emergency services and police and the recommendations resulted in a new emergency management regime for the State.

  • Evaluating the performance of international education units within a State education authority to determine their financial and educational returns.  This required detailed research and analysis of the financial and performance data for the units and resulted in a major restructuring of the governance, strategic and business focus and management of the programs.

  • For a State police service, reviewing the integrity screening approaches used in relation to police recruit applicants, police recruits and first year Constables until confirmation of their appointment.

  • Evaluation of a State Housing Department's Program of Community Housing Management which provided funding to employ Indigenous support workers to assist in the development of housing staff working for Indigenous Councils across the State.  Our consultants conducted a full program evaluation.

  • In collaboration with Brisbane Housing Company, reviewing the modeling of a program of affordable housing for the West Australian government and providing advice on the broad design of a program.

  • Orchestrating a major community consultation process for a State education and training agency in a regional center.  Our consultant facilitated around 25 small and large meetings with special interest groups and the community to identify opportunities and concerns around years 11 and 12 schooling in the town.  Our consultant overcame significant cynicism, even anger, in the community about the consultation so that, in the end, people believed the consultation was genuine and that a thorough record of their views had been made and honestly represented to the Departments and Ministers.



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State Government Agencies

State Government Agencies

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