Wednesday, 13 February 2013 10:18

Resources & the Environment

Australia once rode on the sheep’s back and it is still dependent on effective and sustainable use of its natural resources.  Sagacity Consulting has worked with many people influencing this important sector, bringing its organizational expertise to blend with the practical and scientific knowledge that are the drivers of change.


Relevant projects we have undertaken

  • Identifying the key trends and issues which would affect the workforce and the delivery of spatial information services within a State agency responsible for natural resources.  This was to be in the context of the evolving area of spatial information and the impacts on the fields of cartography, surveying and geographical information systems (GIS).  Our consultant advised in detail on the consequential workforce type, size and structure to meet the needs of the agency over the next 5-10 years .  Recommendations were also made on the appropriate professional and technical classification streams for the workforce.  Our consultant also provided an implementation strategy to achieve appropriate translation arrangements for staff moving into the proposed structure and new classification streams.

  • Reviewing the office charged with managing the State's interests in Native Title.  Our consultants identified potential improvements for the most efficient and effective delivery of its functional responsibilities and working relationships and provided a detailed implementation (change) plan.  The recommendations sought to align its services, structure and current and emerging priorities.

  • Designing and running a Regional Service Delivery Planning Workshop for a State environment and resource management agency.

  • Undertaking an investigation into the performance of the Director of an agricultural college.  Our consultant interviewed the Board members of the college and senior staff and stakeholders before providing a confidential report to the Director-General of the host department

  • Providing advice to a bulk resource port authority on succession planning.  Because of the small size of the authority but the enormous scale and demands of its projects, our consultant had to develop a novel and practical approach.



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