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Private Sector

Underpinning the work for all Sagacity’s clients is energy to solve complex and sensitive organisational problems.  Sagacity Consulting will probe and identify the real issues and produce insightful analytics.  Offering clever, tailored and practical solutions achieves successful outcomes for our clients in private organisations and of course it’s all about results.


Relevant projects we have undertaken

  • Leading strategic planning for a major national entertainment group of companies.  Our consultants worked with the group on the analytics and PESTLE analysis that would underpin the planning, and then developed the vision, values, goals and strategic imperatives with the Board Chair and senior executives in a workshop environment.  A program management approach to the strategic improvement projects was embedded.

  • Facilitating sessions with four Directors who were about to split and dissolve their very successful, professional services firm because of what they saw as intractable differences in their visions for the company.  The matter was made more sensitive by the very close personal friendship between the Directors.  Our consultant worked with the Directors individually and collectively to get them to face the realities of where they were headed and to develop a new business model that would keep them together but better accommodate their individual needs.  The company went on to experience a new phase of growth and success and the strong friendship between the Directors was preserved and strengthened.

  • Conducting a program of supervision and communication training for a national law practice.

  • Developing the strategic framework and then conducting a strategic planning workshop for the Directors of a mid-tier, city based, future focused accounting firm.

  • Facilitation of a Directors' Workshop to plot a future path for an innovative automotive technician training and support company.

  • Facilitation of workshops between a major supplier and a diagnostic services unit in a State health agency to resolve service and system differences within a large supply contract.





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Our Clients

Because of the sensitive and complex nature of its assignments, Sagacity works extensively with senior executives in major organisations to complete complex projects.


Clients of Sagacity Consulting come from:

  • Commonwealth, State and Local Government agencies including Statutory Authorities and Government Owned Corporations
  • Not-for-Profit organisations
  • Private companies.


Sagacity has been a preferred provider on consulting services panels for State government agencies and a major University.





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