Portfolio Management

Relevant projects we have undertaken

  • For over 2 years, project managing a very large information management project for a State health authority.  This project aimed to specify, acquire, improve and install 14 information systems covering all aspects of health service delivery for the 8 major hospitals in the State.  Our consultant's project team comprised up to 10 multi-disciplined staff with over 200 hospital staff involved in part-time specialty user groups.  At the centre of the project was the core requirement to create a new culture of cooperation across the institutions.

  • Evaluating the delivery of Indigenous arts projects and programs in a State arts authority including the incorporation of an Indigenous art marketing and export unit from another agency.  Our consultant made recommendations on the merging as well as on how Indigenous initiatives (programs, projects and activities) might be managed on a portfolio -like basis.  The recommendations included a detailed implementation and change plan.

  • Transitioning seven sub-programs from a Program being closed down to other Programs as part of a major information technology initiative.  Sagacity's consultant was responsible for ensuring appropriate documentation existed and protocols for transfer of responsibilities were in place to ensure a seamless transition.

  • Providing expertise as part of a team to conduct a gateway review for a State transport agency.  Our consultant worked with the other members of the team to review a project aimed at amalgamating the core SAP related corporate services functions including pay, HR, financial, procurement, fleet management, project management and roads implementation program.

  • Providing independent advice to the senior management of a large metropolitan Council on resolving major differences between the sponsors of two significant information technology projects which had reached stalemate.  Our consultant had to assess the projects which were competing for funds and provide an independent report on their merits in the circumstances.