Wednesday, 13 February 2013 12:01

Police & Emergency Services

The unique nature of policing and emergency services has provided Sagacity Consulting with opportunities to work on conventional as well as unusual problems but always with a special twist provided by the particular culture of such services.   Building trusting relationships is often the key.


Relevant projects we have undertaken

  • Reviewing the viability of integrating two branches of a Police Service (Counter-Terrorism Strategic Policy and Disaster and Major Event Planning) and the Security Planning Coordination unit (formerly of the Department of Premier and Cabinet).  Our consultants assessed the governance, management, organisational, structural and staffing arrangements needed to best support effective delivery of functions and services provided by the three units.

  • For a State police service, reviewing the integrity screening approaches used in relation to police recruit applicants, police recruits and first year Constables until confirmation of their appointment.

  • Conducting a series of strategic planning workshops with the Board and management of the State office of a police and citizens youth welfare association to address governance, program, staffing and organisational issues.  The organisation has important and complex relationships with Local and State Government bodies as well as a range of other youth organisations.

  • Reviewing the Human Resource Policy and Workforce Planning Section of a State police service.  Our consultants assessed roles, resources and structure in the Section.  Recommendations covered the level at which services were pitched, the human resource policy manual, workforce data collection, analysis and research, workforce planning and forecasting and a strategically focused organisation development and review function.

  • Conducting a planning workshop focussed on youth development for the Community Development Department of a State-wide police citizens youth organisation.



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