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Not-For-Profit Sector

The not-for-profit sector is growing in importance and complexity with pressures for larger and fewer entities as the competition for funding increases.  Sagacity Consulting has consultants who understand this and have special empathy with many of the clients’ values that underpin the sector.  Sagacity aligns readily with not-for-profit clients in reviewing issues, resolving problems and future planning.


Relevant projects we have undertaken

  • Performing the role of operations controller for an affordable housing company for 9 months.  A major element of our consultant's work was to review and reform service practices around the tenancy management functions of the company.  This was within the context of the company as the constructor and owner of the low rent housing with commercial real estate agents and community housing organisations contracted as housing managers.

  • Facilitating planning workshops for several Indigenous Trusts established under agreements with major mining companies.

  • Reviewing the program and support functions of a large community service organisation in the Logan District of South East Queensland.  Our consultants also made recommendations on Board of Management and Executive Management issues as well as providing coaching to the CEO.  The coaching covered both managing the impacts of the review but also the day-to-day management of this multi-discipline service organisation.

  • Conducting a Strategic Planning Workshop for the Board and senior executive of a Gold Coast Housing Company.

  • Providing policy support to an industry skills training agency by assisting with a submission to a Government taskforce on the overall arrangements for the provision of skills and training in the State.



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Our Clients

Because of the sensitive and complex nature of its assignments, Sagacity works extensively with senior executives in major organisations to complete complex projects.


Clients of Sagacity Consulting come from:

  • Commonwealth, State and Local Government agencies including Statutory Authorities and Government Owned Corporations
  • Not-for-Profit organisations
  • Private companies.


Sagacity has been a preferred provider on consulting services panels for State government agencies and a major University.





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