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Commonwealth Government

Many of Sagacity Consulting’s team of senior consultants have worked in or worked with Commonwealth agencies.  They understand the special role the Commonwealth plays, the importance to it of sound policy and the levers for change at its disposal.  Sagacity has the wisdom, creativity, understanding of strategic nuances and experience to strengthen initiatives and give drive to imperatives.


Relevant projects we have undertaken

  • Contributing to a working party to review the Commonwealth Act governing the functions of the Registrar of Aboriginal Corporations - with a particular view to strengthening the principles of sustainability, elimination of poverty, accountability, conflict management, knowledge management, flexibility and economic development.

  • Planning and conducting a residential 2-day planning workshop for the Queensland and Near Australia regional office of the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs.

  • Leading the reform program for ATSIC of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services (ATSILS) that ATSIC funds.  This 20 month project included clarifying ATSIC's policy context, managing sub-projects to improve governance, service delivery standards and a major project to improve client/performance management systems in the 25 ATSILS across Australia.  At a national level, our consultant steered the development of a needs based funding allocation method and a contestability policy for ATSIC (the purchaser of legal services).  The assignment came to fruition in June 2001 when our consultant’s submission on outcomes was approved by ATSIC’s Board and the consultant completed the drafting of a report to Federal Cabinet.

  • Undertaking a feasibility study for the responsible Commonwealth Department on the establishment of a National Body to represent the collections sector.   This involved consulting and negotiating with national leaders from major museums, art galleries, libraries and archives as well as developing and costing a model of how a single body could be formed to represent them.  A new body, modeled on our consultants’ recommendations, was established shortly after.

  • Evaluating trials of after hours care arrangements for a Medicare Local.  Our consultant assessed the records available from two trials and looked at comparative costs and benefits of those arrangements and payments made under existing Commonwealth incentive arrangements.




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Our Clients

Because of the sensitive and complex nature of its assignments, Sagacity works extensively with senior executives in major organisations to complete complex projects.


Clients of Sagacity Consulting come from:

  • Commonwealth, State and Local Government agencies including Statutory Authorities and Government Owned Corporations
  • Not-for-Profit organisations
  • Private companies.


Sagacity has been a preferred provider on consulting services panels for State government agencies and a major University.





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Commonwealth Agencies

Commonwealth Agencies

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