Sagacity Consulting provides organisational consulting services.

Sagacity's team bring their wisdom, experience creativity and energy to solving complex and sensitive organisational problems.  Sagacity is skilled at probing and identifying the real issues and gives clever, tailored and practical solutions that will work.  We support courageous implementation and partner with our clients to achieve successful results.

Our service focus is on:

  • organisational development  – diagnosis, design, re-structuring and change management
  • enterprise planning – strategic and business planning, policy development, research and analytics, performance evaluation and improvement
  • effective governance – governance design and strategy, risk management, provision of governance infrastructure and governance assurance
  • portfolio management – professional portfolio, program and project planning, execution and assurance
  • facilitation and consultation – expert group facilitation and stakeholder and community consultation
  • human capital – alignment of workplace behaviour, clarification of expectations through clear policies and procedures, human resource development and effective human resource management infrastructure

Sagacity delivers on-time and to budget.