Organisational Development

Relevant projects we have undertaken

  • Providing independent project leadership in the amalgamation of three statutory authorities for the Minister for Education and the Director-General.  This involved developing a model of the new authority, drafting and introducing a new Bill which amongst other things defined the composition of the authority's Board and steering the transition from the existing organisational arrangements to the new.   The work included definition of the functions of the new authority, rationalization of all services, creating a new structure, staffing it, establishing an initial budget and planning accommodation.  An important aspect of the work was to manage the concerns and expectations of powerful stakeholder groups.  Our consultant also provided advice to the Chair and assisted with the induction of the members of the new authority.

  • Reviewing the viability of integrating two branches of a Police Service (Counter-Terrorism Strategic Policy and Disaster and Major Event Planning) and the Security Planning Coordination unit (formerly of the Department of Premier and Cabinet).  Our consultants assessed the governance, management, organisational, structural and staffing arrangements needed to best support effective delivery of functions and services provided by the three units.

  • Developing comprehensive, short and long term strategies for a major industry skills body.  Our consultants developed the strategy paper and from it derived new core functions and roles aligned to the strategies.  In close consultation with the CEO, our consultants planned the best approach to gaining understanding and support from the Board.

  • Providing an interim transformational management role as CEO of a intelligent transport solutions company.  Our consultant, amongst other things is delivering a new strategic plan and implementing it, changing the company culture and re-aligning the Board and management team, aligning key stakeholders and asserting disciplines such as business development, portfolio management and international operations.

  • Reviewing the skills, structure and capacity of the Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland (ADCQ) to ensure that it could meet the demands of its new strategic direction.  Our consultant helped clarify the new strategic direction, made practical recommendations on skills, structures and capacity and provided an implementation plan built on sound change management principles.