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Organisational Development

 Re-vitalising and transforming organisations through mapping, diagnosis, design, re-structuring and change management are key aspects of Sagacity Consulting’s extensive experience in organisational development. We are able to assist clients with:

Organisational Diagnosis

  • Organisational unit reviews
  • Comparative research and analysis
  • Organisational and business benchmarks
  • Performance reviews
  • Performance Measurement - operational improvement identification and strategy

 Organisational Design and Re-structuring

  • Creating new organizational architectures in response to machinery of government changes, mergers and acquisitions
  • Researching comparative organizational design
  • Accountability and responsibility mapping
  • Aligning roles, organizational culture, systems and business processes, formal reporting relationships and human capital with organizational objectives and strategy
  • Work differentiation and results integration
  • Executing re-structures

 Effective Change Management

  • Transformational management
  • Cultural change management
  • Change management principles
  • Diagnosis of the need and the organizational capability for change
  • Business cases for change
  • Change management and implementation planning
  • Embedded change solutions and execution
  • Aligning change strategies with outcomes
  • Toolbox of change processes
  • Change management communication planning and execution
  • Leadership in change
  • Aligning teams for change
  • Change metrics
  • Benefits management and realization
  • Risk identification and management


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