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Local Government

Sagacity Consulting knows there are difficulties and sensitivities in addressing key operational issues and customer service in Local Government.  Identifying the real issues and assisting clients with clear paths through the maze is vital.  Execution then becomes important.  Sagacity is experienced at resolving problems and undertaking courageous implementations.


Relevant projects we have undertaken

  • Reviewing the business unit responsible for urban infrastructure in a capital city Council to improve staff retention and service delivery.  Our consultants held interviews and consultative workshops within the unit, with managers and a broad representative cross-section of staff and contractors.  Recommendations ranged across the need to develop strategies in the use of the contractor supply panel, continuing with a multi-skilling strategy and developing and expanding a CAD pool structure to maximise the use of specialist resources.

  • Providing independent advice to the senior management of a large metropolitan Council on resolving major differences between the sponsors of two significant information technology projects which had reached stalemate.  Our consultant had to assess the projects which were competing for funds and provide an independent report on their merits in the circumstances.

  • Conducting a series of strategic planning workshops with the Board and management of the State office of a police and citizens youth welfare association to address governance, program, staffing and organisational issues.  The organisation has important and complex relationships with Local and State Government bodies as well as a range of other youth organisations.

  • Managing the training component of a major information management system re-development for a large, metropolitan local authority.

  • Coaching the Manager of a city council's scientific analysis laboratory in the redevelopment of the unit's business plan.  Our consultant helped the Manager shift more to a business rather than technical focus.

  • Exploring options for the management and sustainability of a co-location model of service delivery for community service agencies in the inner-city suburbs of a capital city.  Our consultants worked with a project worker, the Steering Committee and stakeholders in workshops and smaller meetings to consider models of co-locations from Australia and overseas as well as to capture the needs and expectations of the participating agencies.  A real and practical opportunity for co-location in a community service building being provided as part of a city Council driven development was identified and documented.




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Local Councils

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Local Councils

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Our Clients

Because of the sensitive and complex nature of its assignments, Sagacity works extensively with senior executives in major organisations to complete complex projects.


Clients of Sagacity Consulting come from:

  • Commonwealth, State and Local Government agencies including Statutory Authorities and Government Owned Corporations
  • Not-for-Profit organisations
  • Private companies.


Sagacity has been a preferred provider on consulting services panels for State government agencies and a major University.





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