Wednesday, 13 February 2013 12:21

Justice & Legal Services

As one of the fundamentally important pillars of our society, law and justice need to be contemporary and relevant.  Sagacity Consulting has contributed to this by working closely with major institutions on both operational and strategic reform initiatives.  The special culture and the critical importance of law and justice require special consulting skills and sensitivity.


Relevant projects we have undertaken

  • Leading several strategic/structural planning workshops for the CMC (and previously the CJC). Our consultant worked with the Chair, Commissioners and senior staff of the Commission to develop the Commission's plans.

  • Contributing to a working party to review the Commonwealth Act governing the functions of the Registrar of Aboriginal Corporations - with a particular view to strengthening the principles of sustainability, elimination of poverty, accountability, conflict management, knowledge management, flexibility and economic development.

  • Conducting a program of supervision and communication training for a national law practice.

  • Reviewing of the fundamental elements of a program to develop and implement the Integrated Justice Information System - a major, multi agency, multi application information system.

  • Assisting the Director-General of a State Attorney-General's department to review the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.  The State Premier had sought the review to address issues around resourcing.  Our consultant worked with the Director-General to develop sound strategies for the conduct of the review and for the resourcing of the Office.  Both these aspects were critically important in this complex project.  Our consultant also met regularly with the Director of Public Prosecutions throughout the review to affirm the Director's leadership role coming out of the review.



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