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Strategic planning for large ports and rail, future policy for construction skilling or community consultation around contentious developments – Sagacity Consulting has done them well.  With Sagacity advising you, the future can be clearer, programs planned and projects kept on track in order to build strong foundations.


Relevant Projects we have undertaken

  • Conducting strategic planning workshops in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 for the Board and senior management of a major port authority.

  • For a State Department of Education, conducting the community consultation for two pilot projects under an $850m initiative to rationalize and redevelop schools in two areas (8 schools in one and 7 schools in the other).  This was part of an institutional reform to the provision of State school facilities.  The reform involved having the community identify unsustainable schools within a cluster (for closure) in exchange for specialized and upgraded facilities in those schools that remained.  Our consultants were responsible for providing consultation/facilitation expertise as well as communication and demographic expertise to support the consultations.  Our lead consultant designed and ran the consultations setting up Reference Groups and other associated consultation mechanisms over a period of about 8 weeks.  The project resulted in the delivery of reports by our lead consultant to the sponsoring Ministers, signed off by the Reference Groups, agreeing that there were two schools in each cluster that were unsustainable and that should therefore be closed.

  • Facilitating a community consultation with the Reference Group and the constructing authority over the development period for the Boggo Road Urban Village.

  • Reviewing the business unit responsible for urban infrastructure in a capital city Council to improve staff retention and service delivery.  Our consultants held interviews and consultative workshops within the unit, with managers and a broad representative cross-section of staff and contractors.  Recommendations ranged across the need to develop strategies in the use of the contractor supply panel, continuing with a multi-skilling strategy and developing and expanding a CAD pool structure to maximise the use of specialist resources.

  • Developing comprehensive, short and long term strategies for a major industry skills body.  Our consultants developed the strategy paper and from it derived new core functions and roles aligned to the strategies.  In close consultation with the CEO, our consultants planned the best approach to gaining understanding and support from the Board.

  • Meeting and consulting with the community around the expansion of the Queensland Health Scientific Sciences Complex.



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