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Several consultants in Sagacity Consulting’s team have built strong relationships and have worked regularly with Indigenous people.  Sagacity aims to create trust and an environment to achieve positive outcomes.


Relevant projects we have undertaken

  • Leading the reform program for ATSIC of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services (ATSILS) that ATSIC funds.  This 20 month project included clarifying ATSIC's policy context, managing sub-projects to improve governance, service delivery standards and a major project to improve client/performance management systems in the 25 ATSILS across Australia.  At a national level, our consultant steered the development of a needs based funding allocation method and a contestability policy for ATSIC (the purchaser of legal services).  The assignment came to fruition in June 2001 when our consultant's submission on outcomes was approved by ATSIC's Board and the consultant completed the drafting of a report to Federal Cabinet.

  • Facilitating planning workshops for several Indigenous Trusts established under agreements with major mining companies.

  • Reporting on the feasibility of options for making available year 11 and 12 schooling for an Island Indigenous community.  Apart from the fly-in fly-out temporary arrangement that was operating on the Island, the other major option that was costed by our consultants was a residential facility at which the island's students could board in the closest provincial town.  This option involved leasing 2.5 hectares of land and building accommodation places for 26 male and 24 female students in separate blocks.  The facility also included a commercial standard kitchen and dining, recreation, common, computer, cleaning and store rooms, 2 study areas and 2 laundries as well as studio apartments for 2 visiting families.  Space would be set aside for an administration block.  In the grounds there would be storage for ground maintenance equipment, covered secure parking for residential staff, and an uncovered parking area for 6 cars.  The facility would be air-conditioned throughout with wireless capability for all work areas and video security system covering key locales across the campus.  All operational costs would be met largely by student contributions of their Abstudy and Assistance for Isolated Children payments.  Another student block for 25 students which might be built at a later date was costed.

  • Reviewing the office charged with managing the State's interests in Native Title.  Our consultants identified potential improvements for the most efficient and effective delivery of its functional responsibilities and working relationships and provided a detailed implementation (change) plan.  The recommendations sought to align its services, structure and current and emerging priorities.

  • Providing independent expertise to a State Department of Communities in transitioning an Indigenous Policy function into the operating arrangements of the Department.  This followed a machinery of government change.  Our consultant delivered the major structural options, high level role definitions within the recommended structures, associated accountabilities that aligned with the structures and roles, reporting lines and operational interfaces to existing organisational arrangements in the Department.





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