Wednesday, 13 February 2013 12:25


The systems, organizational arrangements and culture of the health sector are complex and are often held together by the people who are responsible for services.  Whether it's a health bureaucracy, a major hospital or a Medicare Local, there are always significant issues to face.  With the wisdom and energy of Sagacity's consultants, the issues can be resolved and the focus put back where it belongs.


Relevant projects we have undertaken

  • For over 2 years, project managing a very large information management project for a State health authority.  This project aimed to specify, acquire, improve and install 14 information systems covering all aspects of health service delivery for the 8 major hospitals in the State.  Our consultant's project team comprised up to 10 multi-disciplined staff with over 200 hospital staff involved in part-time specialty user groups.  At the centre of the project was the core requirement to create a new culture of cooperation across the institutions.

  • Facilitation of workshops between a major supplier and a diagnostic services unit in a State health agency to resolve service and system differences within a large supply contract.

  • Providing a confidential report to a State Premier on agency responses to apparent anthrax incidents.  Our consultant reported on interviews with agency heads for health, emergency services and police and the recommendations resulted in a new emergency management regime for the State.

  • Designing and facilitating a one day workshop for a State transport authority to resolve concerns amongst staff about the health risks associated with their workplace.

  • Mentoring a HR Manager in a State health authority through a highly sensitive and volatile dispute between specialist practitioners in a regional hospital.

  • Evaluating trials of after hours care arrangements for a Medicare Local.  Our consultant assessed the records available from two trials and looked at comparative costs and benefits of those arrangements and payments made under existing Commonwealth incentive arrangements.


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