Effective Governance

Relevant projects we have undertaken

  • Facilitating sessions with four Directors who were about to split and dissolve their very successful, professional services firm because of what they saw as intractable differences in their visions for the company.  The matter was made more sensitive by the very close personal friendship between the Directors.  Our consultant worked with the Directors individually and collectively to get them to face the realities of where they were headed and to develop a new business model that would keep them together but better accommodate their individual needs.  The company went on to experience a new phase of growth and success and the strong friendship between the Directors was preserved and strengthened.

  • Conducting an independent investigation involving a serious and acrimonious dispute between the Chair and the CEO of a major statutory body.  Our consultant investigated allegations from both parties, and effectively resolved the matter in a very short time.

  • Working with the Board of the Noosa Long Weekend to ensure strategic directions were set by the Board and then left for the management team to implement

  • Facilitation of a Directors' Workshop to plot a future path for an innovative automotive technician training and support company.

  • Review of the confidentiality policy and practices for a major University as a means of independently checking that appropriate measures were in place for all aspects of confidentiality in University operations.

  • Transitioning seven sub-programs from a Program being closed down to other Programs as part of a major information technology initiative.  Sagacity's consultant was responsible for ensuring appropriate documentation existed and protocols for transfer of responsibilities were  in place to ensure a seamless transition.