Facilitation& Consultation

Relevant projects we have undertaken

  • Orchestrating a major community consultation process for a State education and training agency in a regional centre. Our consultant facilitated around 25 small and large meetings with special interest groups and the community to identify opportunities and concerns around years 11 and 12 schooling in the town. Our consultant overcame significant cynicism, even anger, in the community about the consultation so that, in the end, people believed the consultation was genuine and that a thorough record of their views had been made and honestly represented to the Departments and Ministers.

  • Facilitating a community consultation with the Reference Group and the constructing authority over the development period for the Boggo Road Urban Village.

  • Conducting a planning workshop focussed on youth development for the Community Development Department of a State-wide police citizens youth organisation.

  • Designing and running a Regional Service Delivery Planning Workshop for a State environment and resource management agency.

  • Meeting and consulting with the community around the expansion of the Queensland Health Scientific Sciences Complex.