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Enterprise Planning & Performance

Creating the future through strategic and business planning, policy development, research, analytics, performance improvement and adept procurement are fundamental to Sagacity Consulting’s expertise. We are able to assist clients with:

Strategic and business planning

  • Visioning
  • Scenario analysis
  • Strategic planning
  • Identification of strategic imperatives
  • Business planning
  • Operational planning
  • Strategy formulation
  • Execution planning

Policy development and review

  • Comparative analysis of policy approaches
  • Literature reviews
  • Futures Policy
  • Consultative policy forums and think tanks
  • Evidence based policy development
  • Policy –intended and unintended consequence review
  • Policy to legislation transformation

Business research and analytics

  • Statistical analysis
  • PESTLE analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Feasibility and business case development

Business performance measurement, review and improvement

  • Setting measures, key performance indicators and targets
  • Organisational and business benchmarks
  • Performance reviews
  • Program evaluation
  • Operational improvement identification and strategy
  • Accountability and responsibility mapping

Strategic procurement

  • Value for money procurement
  • Strategic approaches to sourcing and procurement capability reviews
  • Collaborative procurement and arrangement management
  • Procurement processes including category and supplier management
  • Embedding sustainability into procurement


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