Enterprise Planning & Performance

Relevant projects we have undertaken

  • Leading strategic planning for a major national entertainment group of companies.  Our consultants worked with the group on the analytics and PESTLE analysis that would underpin the planning, and then developed the vision, values, goals and strategic imperatives with the Board Chair and senior executives in a workshop environment.  A program management approach to the strategic improvement projects was embedded.

  • Providing policy support to an industry skills training agency by assisting with a submission to a Government taskforce on the overall arrangements for the provision of skills and training in the State.

  • Facilitating strategy workshops with the Board of the leading supplier of affordable housing in Queensland.

  • Conducting strategic planning workshops in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 for the Board and senior management of a major port authority.

  • Leading several strategic/structural planning workshops for the CMC (and previously the CJC). Our consultant worked with the Chair, Commissioners and senior staff of the Commission to develop the Commission's plans.

  • Developing the strategic framework and then conducting a strategic planning workshop for the Directors of a mid-tier, city based, future focussed accounting firm.