Effective Governance

Getting governance right at every level through proven governance design and strategy, risk management, provision of governance infrastructure and assurance can be assisted by Sagacity Consulting’s expertise. We are able to help clients with:

Governance Design and Strategy

  • Design of overall governance frameworks to suit organisations, programs and projects
  • Independent strategic advice to Chairs, Boards and CEOs on governance issues
  • Selecting and building the right governance team
  • Providing knowledge – induction, presentations to Board and key factor updates
  • Leadership – chairing skills, vision and values
  • Board – CEO – Stakeholder relationships – challenging and supporting the CEO, motivating the organisation’s leadership team and managing stakeholders

 Risk Management

  • Risk Framework Development
  • Organisational and project risk assessment
  • Change management
  • Contingency planning and assurance measures

Governance Infrastructure

  • Design of terms of reference for governance bodies
  • Development of targets, reporting frameworks and performance indicators for governance bodies
  • Provision of independent, expert members for key roles on governance bodies
  • Expert secretariat services to governance bodies
  • Special products to support governance functions (tools, software, templates etc)
  • Governance training
  • Governance coaching
  • Effective processes – agendas, meeting engagement levels, strategy contributions, CEO evaluation and CEO succession planning
  • Board Committees (interface, membership, leadership and support)
  • Board selection, induction, development, evaluation and renewal

Governance assurance

  • Governance assessments
  • ‘Gateway style reviews’ at up to 6 key points in projects
  • Board evaluations
  • Program evaluation


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