Carol Markie-Dadds


Bachelor of Arts with Honours

Master of Clinical Psychology


Accredited Triple P(Positive Parenting Program) Trainer licensed by The University of Queensland

Areas of Expertise

Carol's key areas of expertise are:

  • Policy development and coordination
  • Research, evaluation and statistical analysis
  • Implementation of strategic reform initiatives
  • Strategic planning at both organisational and program level


Carol's experience comes from:

  • 11 years in senior officer and executive roles in the public sector (5 years SES)
  • 10 years in senior research and training roles at a Qld University
  • 5 years operating a successful private practice

Key Clients

Carol has worked with clients in the following areas:

  • Public sector – all tiers of government, primarily in the area of early education.
  • Private and not-for-profits particularly in early education, schooling and community services.