Wednesday, 13 February 2013 12:27

Community Services

Sagacity Consulting brings to this sector, the systems and disciplines that can add strength to the professional practice and values so important to it.  Sagacity has special rapport with not-for-profit organizations, which are the heart and soul of this service area.  Sagacity can be trusted to provide understanding but also to give frank and fearless advice when it is needed.


Relevant projects we have undertaken

  • Reviewing the organisational arrangements for a State disability services agency particularly in the context of significant budget growth over 3 budgets and changes or potential changes resulting from initiatives including:
    • Legislative changes to the agency
    • An independent review of secure care
    • A review of the business model for the agency including changes to its regional structure.
  • Reviewing the program and support functions of a large community service organisation in the Logan District of South East Queensland.  Our consultants also made recommendations on Board of Management and Executive Management issues as well as providing coaching to the CEO.  The coaching covered both managing the impacts of the review but also the day-to-day management of this multi-discipline service organisation.

  • Exploring options for the management and sustainability of a co-location model of service delivery for community service agencies in the inner-city suburbs of a capital city.  Our consultants worked with a project worker, the Steering Committee and stakeholders in workshops and smaller meetings to consider models of co-locations from Australia and overseas as well as to capture the needs and expectations of the participating agencies.  A real and practical opportunity for co-location in a community service building being provided as part of a city Council driven development was identified and documented.

  • Providing independent expertise to a State Department of Communities in transitioning an Indigenous Policy function into the operating arrangements of the Department.  This followed a machinery of government change.  Our consultant delivered the major structural options, high level role definitions within the recommended structures, associated accountabilities that aligned with the structures and roles, reporting lines and operational interfaces to existing organisational arrangements in the Department.

  • Planning and conducting a residential 2-day planning workshop for the Queensland and Near Australia regional office of the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs.



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