Arts & Entertainment

Sagacity Consulting understands the arts and entertainment business and has worked with a wide range of groups from national companies to small independents on everything from performance management to governance and infrastructure planning as well as strategic planning.


Relevant projects we have undertaken

  • Leading strategic planning for a major national entertainment group of companies.  Our consultants worked with the group on the analytics and PESTLE analysis that would underpin the planning, and then developed the vision, values, goals and strategic imperatives with the Board Chair and senior executives in a workshop environment.  A program management approach to the strategic improvement projects was embedded.

  • Undertaking a feasibility study for the responsible Commonwealth Department on the establishment of a National Body to represent the collections sector.   This involved consulting and negotiating with national leaders from major museums, art galleries, libraries and archives as well as developing and costing a model of how a single body could be formed to represent them.  A new body, modelled on our consultants' recommendations, was established shortly after.

  • Evaluating the delivery of Indigenous arts projects and programs in a State arts authority including the incorporation of an Indigenous art marketing and export unit from another agency.  Our consultant made recommendations on the merging as well as on how Indigenous initiatives (programs, projects and activities) might be managed on a portfolio -like basis.  The recommendations included a detailed implementation and change plan. 

  • Leading strategic and business planning workshops for the executive and management team of Queensland's first tier performing arts statutory body. 

  • Working with the Board of the Noosa Long Weekend to ensure strategic directions were set by the Board and then left for the management team to implement.